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5 Considerations Before Buying Jewelry for Someone

5 Considerations Before Buying Jewelry for Someone

Planning on gifting a friend a piece of jewelry? Well, how sweet and thoughtful of you! Now, make sure it is a good fit so that lucky guy or gal actually wear it. Here are five things to consider before buying that awesome gift:

1. What metal do they prefer?

Do they prefer yellow gold, silver, white gold, rose gold or do they wear all sorts of metals? Just take a moment and think about what they usually wear. Funky, chunky bohemian? Dainty and delicate? If you don’t see them that often, maybe even take a peek at their Facebook page to see what they tend to wear.

2. What type of jewelry do they prefer?

Again, I take a bit of time and think about whether they ever wear bracelets. Consider whether you’ve ever seen them wear a ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. Really think about it. I have a shocking confession: My ears are not pierced. I have been given earrings at least twice as a gift. Earrings are an “easy” choice, but make sure the recipient actually wears them!

3. Detail of the Jewelry:

Once you decide on the piece of jewelry you need to think about details. For example, if you decided on a necklace you need to think about the length. I have a friend who can not stand a choker or anything very close to her neck. It makes her feel claustrophobic. If you decide on getting a bracelet, does the recipient prefer a bangle that will slip over her hand? Does she avoided charm bracelets because they clatter against the keyboard? Should earrings be studs, long shoulder sweepers, or something in between?

4. Every Day or Special Occasion Jewelry?

Do you want this to be a go-to piece of jewelry that she’ll wear every day or is this something that is more suited to a special occasion?

5. What's their style?

If the guy likes sterling silver anchors and skulls, then don’t get him a shiny yellow gold necklace. Even if you want to buy this casual guy a special occasion gift, try to make it a good fit. Sterling silver skull cuff links, or a sterling silver money clip with a tattoo design etched onto it. Fancy but fitting to the person getting the gift.

Now, go pick some lovely, thoughtful gift for you gal or guy.

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