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Book a party to upcycle your old or broken jewelry

Learn some basic jewelry-making techniques & about sustainability in the jewelry industry

What customers are saying:

Beautiful unboxing experience

Every KBeau jewelry order is a gift, either for a loved one or for yourself. I want everyone who receives my jewelry to enjoy a lovely unwrapping experience. And I do this with a love of the environment in mind.

sustainable beautiful packaging for kbeau jewelry

Blog posts

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Clasps are an essential component of jewelry design. As a jewelry maker, I'm always weighing functionality versus aes...

Fast Fashion in the Jewelry Industry

Fast fashion is low-quality products made rapidly, in huge quantities, by mass-market retailers to appease consumers ...

What is Vermeil?

First, let's talk about how you pronounce "vermeil." vur-MAY, yep, it's French. You may also hear vermeil called "gil...

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