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Upcycle Parties

Do you have jewelry lying around that you never wear? Maybe it’s damaged but you’ve never taken it to be repaired, maybe it can’t be repaired. 

It’s not fancy, valuable jewelry, but you don’t want to throw it out. Maybe there’s some sentimental attachment. I’ve been there! I can help you upcycle that jewelry! 

I’ll show you & your friends a few jewelry making techniques, let you give it a try and we can work on making at least one wearable piece of jewelry for each guest by the end of the party!

Spend two hours learning a few basic jewelry-making techniques and the importance of sustainability as you turn your old jewelry into a beautiful new piece that you'll be proud to wear or give as a gift.

The location can be in a home, if you chose to host. Otherwise, I can reserve workshop space in the Austin area (this will depend on availability and your specifications)

Contact me to get more details, ask questions and I can customize the experience for you and your guests.

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Learn about sustainability

As I guide you and your friends through the process of making something out of old jewelry, I will talk about sustainability, greenwashing, fast fashion in the jewelry industry and more.

please note:

Some jewelry may require more advanced technology to bring it back to life. For example, removing the three garnets from Meemaw's brooch and turning them into pendants for three of her great-granddaughters. This can't be done in a couple of hours with pliers and wire. I'm not Macgyver!

But I'm happy to give suggestions and recommendations so we can get that jewelry back in action.

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