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Apple Creeper

Apple Creeper

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I've tried to get into the spirit of the holiday. We bought pumpkins this weekend. I bought candy and hid it so we don't devour it all before the trick or treaters arrive next week. I've begun to make The Offspring his costume.

As we talked over jack o' lantern ideas last night The Offspring was excited at the idea of a Minecraft theme. "A Creeper!," he proclaimed. That's so easy I kept checking pictures of them to see if I was missing something. Nope. Just a few block shapes. So this morning, to make sure it really is going to be that easy, I decided to start practicing .

Behold the Apple Creeper! I cut a side off of the apple and used a square tool (originally bought for clay, but I never used it and it's now a culinary tool) and a craft knife. I might try cutting out fruit strips/fruit leathers to fit into the "face" of the Creeper, but I wasn't sure if it would get mushy from the apple. The Offspring is not a picky eater but soggy fruit strips might not be a pleasant texture.

Also, there is smoked salmon under that Apple Creeper. I'm a big believer in having protein, fruit and vegetable for each bento. The salmon is in a gelato cup with some plastic wrap over it (lox flavored apple might not be pleasant either!). Then the Apple Creeper sits right on top.

WT? is Minecraft? Check it out: Minecraft

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