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Chalkboard Project

Chalkboard Project

I have projects, projects and more projects. Some of these projects have been idling in my brain for months. Years even! They bob to the surface from time to time. I might see something that jogs my memory and said project is, once again, set aside to be forgotten. Family and work tend to require most of my time. I do get projects done for my kid. Quick(ish) iron on tee shirt projects, setting up a reading tent in his room or planting gardens at his school.

My husband put together a table from pre-made parts. Lowe's and Home Depot have these table tops and table legs that are ready to be assembled. Buy a little hardware and you're set. It was a lovely size for our, then, toddler and as a coffee table. After a couple or three years my husband lightly sanded and primed it. Then he, with help from our son, sprayed it with chalkboard paint. We ended up choosing black, but there are many colors from which to choose!

It's been such fun and has motivated me to get some of those other lingering projects finished.

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