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Eight Ways to Personalize Your Jewelry

    There are many ways to personalize your jewelry. Here are eight personal touches to make jewelry so much more special. It's always a lovely touch, when you're gifting jewelry, to add something personal to the design.
  1. Name: You can use your name, your pet's name, your nickname or any name you like!
  2. Initials:  The same goes for initials as for names. Just choose your initials, your significant other's initials, whatever you like. Maybe a charm with both your initials would be perfect.
  3. Special Date:  A special date could be a wedding anniversary, a birthday, the day you met your best friend. You get the idea.
  4. Coordinates:  You can choose the coordinates of where you were married, where you were born, where your child was born,  or your favorite place to travel.
  5. Birthstone:  Just like all the other suggestions, the birthstone could symbolize your birthday, a  pet's birthday, etc. But it can also indicate the month something else special happened.  For example you could choose a garnet if you were married  in January or a topaz if you moved to your dream city in November.
  6. Message: this can be a word or phrase that means something special to you or that is special between you and the person you give the jewelry to.
  7. Fingerprints: This is a popular option for parents. A small charm with their child’s fingerprint or maybe on a ring.
  8. Etched Image: I’m thinking a skyline of your favorite city or the image of a loved one.

Keep in mind these may be combined! You can have a pendant with special longitude and latitude coordinates paired with the place you met the love of your life, and then add each of your birthstones.

If you are still stuck for ideas, drop me a message and brainstorm some ideas. This is the fun part!


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