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Good Eats

Good Eats

I've been a foodie and healthy, adventurous eater for years, but Mat & Kitchen has taken me to a whole nuthah level.

I met Tandy Gutierrez several years ago as our young children played at the park together. I knew she taught pilates and I gathered she was really good at it. Then she moved to Brooklyn. Actually, I think she moved to L.A. then to Brooklyn. At that time her business was called "Pimp Your Mat." Tandy began to provide an online workout site. I signed up and have watched her wonderful business grow while my core strengthened. The new name for her company is Mat & Kitchen.

It was doing her reset diet that was so eye-opening for me. I cut out most foods and gradually added foods back into my diet to see what it was doing to my body. I observed how my body reacted. I took notes. I was super strict about the process ('cause that's how I am).

More than showing me what foods my tummy or skin didn't like, it showed me that

-we eat way more food than we need

-we eat when we're not hungry. often it's because we are dehydrated.

-we need to drink more water (see above!)

-we do not need to suffer from food coma!

Just to name a few of the things that I learned from doing this reset.

I continue to join her monthly challenges. It means a community of extremely supportive people who are all just trying to do better; better for their kids, better for themselves. This month it's Supermom Challenge.

I've been making bento style lunches for my son for years. I was all about feeding him real food and avoiding processed foods or foods with added "stuff." As in yogurt was not flavored unless I added real, organic fruit.

We also were big on healthy smoothies, but I've been amping up mine for the last year or so. Turmeric, cinnamon, fresh ginger root are big favorites for me.

My meals and snacks are also an exercise in variety. Topping a fruit salad with frozen cranberries (kidney health) and adding avocados (good fat, fiber and loads of vitamins and minerals).

Just wanted to share and spread the word that eating healthy can be easy and adventurous and tasty.

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