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silver and bronze gold hexagon rings mix metals blog post

How to Mix Metals

I love to mix metals! I remember how this was considered such a faux pas when I was growing up. I still hear people say they can’t mix metals, or “I can only wear silver,” or “I can only wear yellow gold.”

Unless your skin turns green when you wear a base metal, you can wear whatever you darn well like!

Handy Tip: I wrote about jewelry turning your skin green and explained what base metal is.

If you absolutely love the way bronze looks on your skin or feel empowered by silver, by all means keep rockin’ those metals. I just ask that you try adding other metals to them from time to time. You just might like it.

Pick one area to try out your mixin’ of metals. Maybe you add a yellow gold ring to your silver rings.

hexagon rings mix metal stacking rings

Maybe add a bronze or gold bangle to your stack of silver ones. Add a little silver earring to your gold earing stack!

Here’s an option I’m a huge fan of:

I love adding a patina to my silver because I like the vibe and I love the contrast of  darkened silver against a brighter bronze or other yellow metal. It makes for a stand-out piece of jewelry. I have lots of designs with this contrast.

dark sterling silver contrast gold and pearls earrings

Get to mixin' and have fun with it!

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