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Salvaged Wood Stool

Salvaged Wood Stool

Honestly, I'm not sure how long I had the section of tree in my garage. It was at least a year earlier that I was driving along and saw a large heap of timber. It was on the curb waiting to be hauled away. It was a residential neighborhood. No cars behind me. I pulled over and selected a section of a tree trunk.

I wasn't completely convinced that I'd actually complete the project I had brewing, but since it was free what did I have to lose? Months passed and then I ordered the legs (via They collected dust except when my son insisted on playing with them. Then, last month I enlisted my husband's help. Once I pointed out an opportunity to use the belt sander he was on board.

We are so pleased with the outcome. I'm still uncertain what type of wood it is. I do know that there are areas of it that are porous and we may go back over the top with the sander and more polyurethane.

I'd envisioned a small table for beverages or displaying an item or two, but it is certainly sturdy enough for sitting and has become a great seat for me when I'm at my workbench and my son perches on it when watching a movie.

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