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Sweater Season

Sweater Season

The chill of Winter is still in the air for most of the country. I'm thrilled on the rare occasion that it's cold enough here in Texas that I get to bundle up in my Winter gear. There must be layers because by the time the afternoon rolls around the nip in the air is gone and it's downright hot.

Living in the Northeast I learned the basics of crochet and have a large yarn stash. I inherited all sorts of crochet needles and yarn when my grandmother died. Again, no need for many scarves or snuggly hats here. I've been wondering what easy projects I could work on that would actually be useful. I have a bit of a teapot collection (this genetic disposition coming from my other grandmother) and have recently seen a few teapot cozies or sweaters if you will. I might be able to manage making a teapot cozy.

As I began getting ideas for how I would actually make one of these things I began to find sweaters for other unlikely sweater wearers. Horses, cars and teapots...oh my!

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