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Terrarium Time

Terrarium Time

Terrariums were trendy. Then they were trendy again. I love them anyway! They make a great gift too. So when I made one recently as a “thank you” for my son’s teacher, I decided to take a few pictures.

There are a gazillion tutorials for these and mine’s pretty straight forward.


- a container

- super activated carbon (basically, charcoal from a fish store that will help keep the terrarium from getting stinky)

- small plants

- soil ( I used the soil that the little plants were in plus a bit more as needed)

- pebbles

- (optional) decorative rocks, small plastic toys, whatever you want!

What to do with them:

Place pebbles gently on the bottom of the container

add some charcoal

2-3 inches of soil

plant those plants (a chopstick is handy for making holes and pushing dirt around the plants) You might be able to carefully separate the plants. I did this to make two terrariums and so the plants would fit in the tiny space of the container)

Add decorative rocks or other items if you want

I picked up the skeleton and flamingo at a local nursery that sells fairy garden items. My teacher’s class mascot is the pink flamingo, so it was quite the find!

Caring for it:

Don’t over water! Remember there are no drainage holes.

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