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I spent my childhood surrounded by nature. I grew up in the woods and this nurtured my love for plants. During my time at a beekeeping job I made infused honey. Soon I was drying herbs and trying them in oils so I could make perfumes and balms for myself.

A friend invited me to her community garden plot. She had this massive patch of black fennel. I was struck by the amazing smell.  It immediately reminded me of licorice. That's a smell I associate with my trip to Iceland. There is a long history of licorice in Iceland. I harvested fennel and tinkered with an infusion.The result is a straightforward infused oil that has a light fennel fragrance. I've named it Black Sand because the licorice smell and deep, black of the fennel seeds reminded me of Vik in southern Iceland. I walked along the beach of black sand, watching the waves in front of me, and behind me was the snow.

Please note that this is a mild smell that doesn't last for hours. It's all natural and I apply it to my neck and forearms when I need a little pick me up. Some days that's quite often!

Organic jojoba oil, black fennel

10ml bottle with stainless steel roller ball

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