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5 Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe This Summer

Woman lounging on beach at sunset five tips to keep your jewelry safe this summer
  1. Keep your jewelry away from chlorine and salt water! Take off that jewelry before you hit the hot tub, swimming pool or beach. Chlorine and salt water can damage some metals. I wrote about the havoc chlorine can wreak on your jewelry here. Chlorine and salt water can also erode the finish and polish of some gemstones.
  1. Don't wear jewelry when you apply sunscreen or mosquito repellent. Yes, use them when you need to, but know that the chemicals in there aren’t always very friendly to your jewelry. It builds up on metal and can gunk up clasps. Just take care to gently clean your jewelry after exposure to these chemicals.
  1. Use a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe your jewelry after you wear it. This helps to wipe off chemicals and sweat.
  1. At the end of Summer, take your jewelry to a jeweler to have it properly and thoroughly cleaned. Ask your jeweler to look over the jewelry for any damage.
  1. This is a very general list of tips and it doesn’t even begin to cover all the different gemstones. Depending on the stones there are other precautions you should take. So, when in doubt, leave the jewelry home.

Take care of your jewelry. Remember, it isn’t indestructible. I told you about that in this post.

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