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Fig Foraging

Fig Foraging

Last week, out of the blue, a friend texted me about some figs. She has an enormous fig tree and it was beginning to produce loads of figs. She can't possibly eat them all, so the next morning we picked figs.

My grandparents had a couple of small fig trees. I remember them making fig jelly and how much I loved the final product. It wasn't until I was older that I appreciated figs all by their lonesome.

I went away from my fig foraging thinking I'd make some jelly. It was more to capture that wonderful childhood memory. Once I got them home, however, I just kept nibbling on them by the handfuls. I then decided to halve them, and drizzle on some of the fresh honey I harvested last week. Next came goat cheese and prosciutto.

For lunch I started with a bed of baby spinach and added the halved figs. I drizzled on honey along with balsamic vinegar, threw in some cubed watermelon, chopped pecans, and crumbled goat cheese.

Before I knew it, the big basket was empty. My friend sent a text this morning. The fig tree is full and she needs some help, so I'll get to try some other recipes with fresh figs!

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