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Summer 2016 Trends

Summer 2016 Trends

I avoid trends, but sometimes a trend rolls along and I’m already sporting the look. I feel a little like I should have a sign pinned to me, a disclaimer, saying, “I was doing this before it was a thing.”

Some trends that have popped up for this Summer that I’m already rockin’ are:

1. Scarves: Living in vicious heat makes scarves seem out of the question, but I often use a light-weight scarf to shield my shoulders and arms from the ever-present rays. This is especially handy when I’m driving and baking under the car windows. Also, a scarf around the neck shields that delicate décolletage.

2.Gloves or mitts: This was big in the 80s and I still like it for, you guessed it, protection from the sun.

3. Lotsa rings on one hand: When you’re indecisive or just like a lot of rings.

4. Stylish tights and socks: I can sport little socks in the heat, but the tights I save for Winter. Texas Winter doesn’t always get chilly enough for tights, so they are definitely a no-go in Summer. But these little ones with lace along the top are fun. I have some in a few colors.

5. Brooches: Since I was a kid I’ve loved the look of brooches or pins. Whether it was a carefully placed statement piece on a scarf or clusters of them on my favorite messenger bag, I like the look. My grandmothers passed along some of theirs to me and my mom gave me a collection of them that she picked up over the years. Some are pictured in my collage.

There are trends that can stand the test of time. Piling a lot of rings on one hand can work when things get minimal or call for a polished, professional look simply by layering thin bands or stacking smaller sized stones. Modify or embrace the trends you like and ignore the ones you don’t. Easy. Do what works for you.

Buck the trends!

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