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Midi Ring Magic!

Midi rings, above-the-knuckle rings, first-knuckle rings, knuckle rings, phalanx rings, fingertip rings, tea rings and memory rings – they go by many names!  I’ll call them midi rings here.

A midi ring sits beautifully between your top two knuckles. They are eye-catching and versatile. You can stack midi-rings, mix & match colors and textures to create a combination that works for you. The look can be embraced by minimalist; wearing just a thin band above the knuckle, or you can create the illusion of a full-finger ring but without the movement restriction. I like being able to combine my rings and midi rings in different ways, and switch up the combinations depending on how I feel, what I’m wearing and the occasion.

History of the midi ring:

Portraits from the 15th and 16th centuries depict men and women wearing above-the-knuckle rings, signifying social class (excusing the wearer from manual labor); the more the aristocracy wore, the better. Some paintings depict the elite with rings on every finger and every knuckle. Just check out “Giovanni Arnolfini And His Wife” by Jan Van Eyck, his wife is only wearing midi rings.

How To Size Midi Ring?

A general rule of thumb is that a midi ring will be 3-4 sizes smaller than your normal size. For example, if you are a size 7 on your middle finger, you'll probably take a size 4 in midi ring. However, it is always best to measure your own fingers to be sure.

Another tip about sizing: a perfect midi ring will fit your pinky as well as the phalanx of your middle finger. (Phalanx! I love it when I can use a 19 point Scrabble word!) So you get a midi ring and a pinky ring in one!

Have fun. Play around with how you wear your jewelry.

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