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Ten Trivia Tidbits about Amethyst

Lots of people know that amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, but I decided to go down the Interwebs rabbit hole and read more about the gemstone.

Enjoy these random facts about amethyst:

  1. Amethyst is a type of quartz crystal that is typically found in geodes or volcanic rock cavities. It is a silicate mineral. This means that over thousands of years silica-rich solutions penetrate cavities in rocks and slowly form crystals.
  2. The only difference between amethyst and citrine is in color.
  3. Most citrine in the marketplace today is actually amethyst that has been exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure in a controlled environment.
  4. Ancient Greeks & Romans frequently studded their goblets with amethyst, believing it would prevent them from getting drunk.
  5. The color of amethyst is the result of iron impurities.
  6. The largest mines of amethyst in the world are located in Brazil, but it's also found in Uruguay, Zambia and Russia. There are slightly different color tones in the amethyst from each of these locations.  
  7. In the times of the ancients, amethysts were worth as much as diamonds.
  8. All amethyst gemstones are purple. However the intensity of the color determines its value. Those with a rich, deep purple color are rare and more valuable.
  9. Amethyst changes color when exposed to heat and that transformation of color is irreversible.
  10. Catherine the Great of Russia, big fan of this stone. She sent thousands of workers to dig in the Russian mines in search for the best quality, thus creating the famous "Siberian" quality.

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10 fun and nerdy facts about amethyst


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