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tiny corked bottles filled with wildflower seeds

Sowing Seeds

I collect seeds from my yard, from friends and from the woods as I'm walking. I've acquired quite a few red poppy seeds on my strolls and saved them. When a friend mentioned that she wanted some local poppy seeds I volunteered some. Then I realized I had the chance to try a DIY project I thought up months ago.

Small corked bottles, seeds, twine or yarn and a little tag. Super simple.

You can write the name of the plant on the tag. I used my old electric typewriter and typed onto a brown paper bag. But you can make tags however you like. Or make labels and put them directly on the little bottles.

You could also whip up a card with planting instructions or a history about the plant. Maybe even the latin name of the flower would be a nice touch.

I've made several and keep them around as a lovely and tidy way to store the seeds I collect. Also, as a handy gift should the occasion arise.

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