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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Last weekend the weather began to have a Spring-like feel to it. I'd made a big decision earlier in the week and felt very good about setting boundaries despite how uncomfortable it felt. The discomfort was gone and I was ready to get to work on new goals and projects. I'd begun tidying the clutter when I heard a "boom!" I soon discovered that the neighbors down the street had a big, bright green dumpster in the driveway . Their garage door was open wide and they were tossing item after item into the dumpster. It looked like fun and I know it must have been so liberating. I don't require a dumpster, but I still need to plow through the piles. Piles of paper mainly. And a few piles of clean clothes.

I've heard all about the 40 bags of trash in 40 days challenge. I'm more in need of sorting through piles and preventing new ones from forming. Yes, yes I know all about how to keep clutter from forming, but somehow I keep failing at implementing these miraculous yet simple fixes or I implement but they are never used.

I'm still motivated to get my Spring cleaning completed before next Spring rolls around.

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