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Traveling with Jewelry

Traveling with Jewelry

If you take a Summer vacay you will want to carefully pack your jewelry. There are a lot of creative ways to do this, but I’m only suggesting ones that will not scratch or damage your jewelry. ‘Cause, you know, that would be bad.

Do you really want to bring along your jewelry?
Before packing, consider whether you absolutely need or want to pack the jewelry.
If you can leave it behind, that would be great. I tend to leave my jewelry behind; wearing only my everyday items. No packing necessary. Also, if you are going on some wilderness adventure, beach romp or other active trip then jewelry may not be a good idea anyway.

If you really want jewelry (and I can understand why you would!), don’t pack your expensive jewelry or your sentimental jewelry that can’t be replaced.

I get it ,you want to take your jewelry. So, without further ado, here are your Packing Tips:

If you travel often you might as well invest in a jewelry roll. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Post earrings: Use a pin to punch a small hole through a business card or index card. You can attached your earrings to it and slip the card into a plastic bag, cloth pouch or maybe an empty Altoids tin (just make sure it won’t scratch the earrings).

Necklaces: I like placing them each in their own resealable plastic bag. Leave the ends sticking out so the necklace doesn’t tangle.

Lay out a necklace on a wash cloth. Roll the necklace in the washcloth. Add another necklace, roll and add the next necklace. Secure ends of washcloth with rubber bands.

Resealable plastic bags are great for all jewelry. Just put each piece in its own baggie! Otherwise you risk scratching and tangling. Craft stores and online shops have a variety of sizes so you aren’t putting one ring in a quart size baggie!

A days-of-the-week pill organizer provides a container for some rings and small earrings. Again, it’s best to place necklaces and bracelets in plastic baggies so you can dangle the ends out of the bag. It’s unreal how tangled a single chain can get in a short period of time. What is it doing in there?!

You may have creative solutions of your own. Just avoid metal containers that could cause scratches and avoid any solution that would result in tangles.

Happy Travels!


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