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Traveling with Jewelry

Traveling with Jewelry

Read my list of ten tips for traveling with your jewelry. It could save you some headaches and hassle on your next trip.

  1. Be realistic: First consider the vacation and whether you are going to take jewelry. If it’s a trek through the rain forest or ice climbing in Maine, you might want to consider leaving your jewelry at home. But we often have a casual trip that includes at least one evening when we definitely want to dress up and wear some special necklace or earrings. Just be realistic and don’t take every piece of jewelry.
  2. Pack multipurpose pieces: Bring jewelry that can mix and match with several outfits. Some stacking rings and basic, but beautiful earrings that “make” each outfit is a nice idea.
  3. Invest in a travel jewelry organizer: You can find organizers in various sizes. They add some padding to prevent scratches and they keep pieces apart, so you don’t end up with a tangled pile of jewelry.
  4. DIY jewelry organizer: Rather than buy an organizer, you can use a microfiber cloth and roll your piece in it and secure both ends of the roll with a rubber band or bread ties. 
  5. Business cards: You can use a needle or thumb tack to poke holes in a business card or index card to create earring cards. Slide the card into a resealable bag with some tissue paper, or a piece of paper towel, crumbled inside for added protection.
  6. Straws and baggies: I usually use a resealable plastic baggie to keep chains tangle free. Other people like using a straw for this. A baggie is great for all jewelry. It keeps them away from moisture and putting each piece in its own bag prevents scratching.
  7. Carry on: Keep your jewelry in your carry-on luggage or bag. This ensures that it will make it to its destination.
  8. Pill Cases: You can put some rings, earrings and necklaces in its own compartment of a pill organizer. Just be careful with those fine chains, they tangle so quickly and are a pain to untangle. They travel best in a plastic baggie.
  9. Take pictures: If you’re taking expensive fine jewelry, take pictures of each piece of jewelry as well as appraisals, certificates of authenticity or other documentation that might go with each piece. This could be invaluable in case the item is lost or stolen.
  10. A substitute: I’ve substituted a silver band for my wedding band and engagement ring while traveling. Consider a lovely, but less expensive or less sentimental piece in place of something you’d hate to lose.

Happy Travels!


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